Developing Your Intuition
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Developing Your Intuition

 a flash of insight

Ever have one of those moments where you just knew something, or you had a feeling about it, and you were right but you couldn't explain why?

Have you ever had a dream about something and it came true?

Or you heard about someone knowing something and there was no way they could have known, and you wished you could do that too?

Have you ever wanted to make your intuition happen when you wanted it to?

You can.  In fact, my intuition even saved my life.  Your inner voice, those intuitive messages are the keys to unlocking that inner wisdom and divine consciousness that creates everything. When you are connected to this wisdom through your intuition, the whole world can change for you in an amazing way.

Rid yourself of fear and not knowing what's going to happen in life
Life can be a wonderful exciting ride without stress or pain where the perfect things happen at the right time and place. With your intuition, you’ll be guided to better situations, knowing the perfect thing to do or say, to increasing synchronicities at work and home with ease and amazement.

Enjoy more solid intimate relationships
Be more connected with the people you care about. A strong intuition helps you smooth your relationships. Avoid bad relationships and situations before they start.

Come up with the best solutions to solve any problem
When you have a developed intuition you can easily manifest creative solutions, find the perfect answer that you couldn’t come up with through hours or days of pondering.

Make better decisions in an instant
You instinctively “making the right choice” to make the best decision.

Discover your inner self and find your life purpose
Your intuition comes from your soul, your inner divine guidance. It knows your true self, and what your authentic being is. No more questioning what you should do or be. You’ll know.

It has for me and I know it can for you. That’s because I learned from scratch how to develop that connection to inner divine guidance.

Have you found yourself saying, “I felt like something was wrong – I knew I shouldn’t have made that decision” in hindsight, or “I knew that was going to happen!” but didn’t know how you knew?  Have you found yourself wanting to make your intuition work when you want it to?

My intuition has developed from a once and a while feeling that something is not right, to full detailed messages that guide me to manifest things I want in life. And yes, I am happier and I now live a more fulfilled life. The best thing is, I have the comfort knowing I can always connect to divine wisdom.

Now you can too. All you need to do is learn my simple techniques! In my classes I show you the advanced techniques to develop your intuition that I both learned and discovered through many years of studying, learning from the gurus, my teaching hundreds of students and years of experience using my intuition for myself and others.

By learning to listen to your intuition and knowing how it works, you are heightening your quality of life.  With your intuition you can enhance your business, social, and love life by doing what is right for you, and making the best decisions in that snap moment when it’s most important, rather than creating conflicting self-dialogue that may cause them to miss out on amazing opportunities. And yes, maybe one day you may need to use it to save your life.

Like many people, I started out thinking you were either gifted or you weren't. Now I realize that everybody is born with intuition and psychic abilities, but it takes work to uncover them and make them strong.

These abilities are natural, and just like anything else they are skills that can only be honed through training. Since I was able to strengthen my abilities, I have been doing intuitive readings for people around the world and my reading events are always sold out. It was through research and experience that I discovered the keys to developing strong intuitive and psychic skills, based both on science and metaphysics. Now, I'm sharing my knowledge with you.

Results may vary from person to person.

Developing Your Intuition Level One Certification Course
Two days, 14 hours, and the experience of a lifetime.

You're invited to take part in this fun, engaging two-day event that's all about uncovering and strengthening your natural intuitive and psychic abilities. Through intense workshops and exercises, you will strengthen and hone your abilities like you would a muscle, and the knowledge that you take away will last a lifetime. Even better is all of the people, just like you, that you will be able to meet and work with, creating long-lasting friendships and community ties.

You will learn...

  • What an intuitive message is and how people receive them.
  • How to tell the difference between a real intuitive message and when you're simply making it up.
  • How to get intuitive messages more consistently.
  • How to control your intuition so you can get messages about what you want to know.
  • How to get more detailed information from your intuition.
  • How to protect yourself from negative energy.
  • How to raise your metaphysical energy level.
  • How to be able to use your intuition to help others.

Because I had to develop my abilities through hard work and practice, I am able to help teach you the process that I went through. If it worked for me, it can work for anybody. Think of me as your personal trainer, but instead of working on flesh-and-blood muscles, we're getting your natural psychic abilities in shape. You will be learning the correct exercises to do, what routines work best, and how to continue cultivating yourself and become stronger each and every day long after you leave the event.

You see, many people that were born with strong natural abilities such as psychics, mediums, and clairvoyants have a hard time teaching other people what they know, simply because their abilities are stronger and more prominent from birth. Although these people work to hone their abilities and understand them, it can be very difficult to teach someone who has very weak natural abilities.

This is why, for those of us that never had incredibly strong abilities from birth, it's better to learn from people who have been there and then worked their way up through practice, and that's the entire reason I'm so excited for this event. I know that you, and everyone else that attends, will be able to take control of their reality and change their lives.

Here are just a few of the topics we'll be going over, EACH ONE IS A DEEP DIVE:

  • What exactly is intuition and psychic ability?
  • ABCs of psychic development – the learning process
  • Intuition and Brain Science
  • Methods and techniques to make intuition happen and get detailed information
  • The science behind the psychic mind and metaphysical body
  • Your psychic body and how it works
  • Developing energy sensitivity, control, and protection
  • Calling in help – sources of divine guidance: angels, guides, etc.
  • Easy meditation for those who can't meditate
  • Practices to make more clarity and get more detail
  • Solving common problems with easy solutions

Look, it doesn't matter if you think you're intuitive, or if you have a hard time really believing you can ever unlock your natural psychic abilities. This is natural – I went through it, and so does almost everybody that signs up for my courses. But, the results are always positive.

Just look at what past students have said:

I signed up for her Level One two day workshop to deepen my intuitive skills. In short it was beyond my expectations being beautifully organized, educational and expertly led to immediately start some hands on practice. The two days flew by and I am looking forward to Level Two! - Iris M.
Terrific workshop. Love every moment.  This is the very first time I have been in a learning situation where I have not felt intimidated. Your ability to make learning comfortable, easy and fun is amazing. I am so very grateful for this amazing experience. - Barbara R.
Just finished 2 day 'Developing your Intuition' Certification Class with Lisa K. Loved every minute and it flew by! - Susan M.
I have heard people teach about intuition but many times it always went over my head until I heard broke it down just the way I like it. You are a great teacher. It's a gift. - Caroline J.

Results may vary from person to person.

So, are you ready for a fun-filled two day event where you will unlock your psychic abilities, learn powerful exercises to continue building up your intuition muscle, meet new like-minded friends, and get certified?

I sure hope you are!

Sign up below and I'll see you in class!

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Where - When - How

Take this in-person class and get:

LEVEL One Intuitive Certification – includes a frame-able certificate.

Facebook Group Membership to connect with others.

Small class setting so I can work with each of you closely and individually.

Receive Lisa K. VIP Status for future classes, specials, freebies and exclusive discounts for graduates only! 



BONUS #1 – FREE access to The Angel Connection class online – a $291 value for FREE.

BONUS #2 – A post-class Q&A conference call with me open to only select DYI graduates.

BONUS #3 – A published handbook of the class notes ($97 value).

BONUS #4 - Free access to the Developing Your Intuition Level One Online Course Material - for LIFE! ($495 value)


 $1,035 in BONUSES!


Other intuition and psychic development classes like this are

$900, $1200 or even $2000, all of my intuition training was over $10,000

but you get it all



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Your information is safe and confidential with us. 

 Where: DoubleTree Hotel, Tarrytown, NY
When: Nov. 7-8th, 2015  Sat. and Sun.
Time: 9:30am-5:00pm both days

Results may vary from person to person.

Your information is safe and confidential with us.


Hurry! Time is running out....Sign up now since the class is filling up!
Registration is closing SOON on Oct. 30th, 2015.