Master Intuitives Private Reading

Master Intuitives Private Reading

30-minute private reading

Have a private reading with Lisa and her Master intuitives.

“My Master Intuitive students, along with myself, provide group intuitive guidance and readings for select people from the public. The results have been amazing for those seeking intuitive advice. This has helped them make important life changing decisions in all aspects of their lives, personal or otherwise.” – Lisa K.

Benefit from the collective intuitive wisdom to receive guidance for your most important life questions and decisions.

As a sitter you can bring a topic you’d like our intuitive guidance on. We’ll each share with you that guidance during the session.

The sessions are ONLY held live on Fridays at 10:30am New York time. You must be available in-person on zoom during this time to get your live reading. If you cannot make your scheduled reading time the group will answer your question without you present and provide a recording of the session.

Contact us to get more information:

Once you purchase you will be sent an email with a link to schedule your session.

“That was amazing. I wanted to cry.” ~ Sarah

“This has given me so much clarity.” ~ Superior

“This is so freakin’ amazing what you do” ~ Subrena

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  • AUD: $ 376.23
  • CAD: $334.43