Kickstart Your Spiritual Business Masterclass

Kickstart Your Spiritual Business Masterclass


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Want to have a successful Spiritual Business?

  • Do you go to work but your heart’s not in it?
  • Perhaps you want to put your free time to better use – you’re a stay-at-home mom or retire(d/ing) or
  • You want to start something on the side and finally do what you love
  • Do you feel you were meant to do more?
  • Want to have the freedom of your own business?

That’s what I wanted. I wanted freedom to do what I want, when I want.

I wanted to help others and do good in the world, to feel like I have an impact.

Maybe you do too, take what you’ve learned and put it to good use. Help others.

OR…you’ve started already and maybe you…

  • Want to get your spiritual business off the ground, but feel like you’re going nowhere
  • Are working to grow your business but find you’re struggling

About me:

I know, I’ve done it.  I now have my dream job.

Now, I have my own business. A steady stream of income and I am surrounded by the best people who I serve.

But, I learned so much to get here.

At first… I struggled too.

In the beginning it was, “What do I charge? What do I offer that people will pay for?”

Then when customers didn’t flow it was, “Should I lower my price? Maybe I should offer something else?”

When that didn’t work. I felt like a failure.  “Why?” I asked myself.

But, then…with a lot of trial and error, learning and investment I figured it out.

I learned what worked and what wouldn’t.

We are different from other entrepreneur businesses out there.

A spiritual business with offerings from the heart appeals to a different kind of person.

The people we reach out to have a highly sensitive nature, they are different.

So you need to know how to appeal to them. Without scaring them off.

But… if you don’t do it right…. You’ll be struggling and never get a customer.

Or get one or maybe even a few customers… but no repeat business.

Now I have the formula to success.

Whether you work with someone in-person or online,

there are thousands of people you can reach easily who are looking for you.

People want and do need your help.

They are looking for just what you have to offer.

But you need to know a few key things to have a successful business.

I’ll be sharing it all with you in this Masterclass

The Kickstart Your Spiritual Business Masterclass

This is a special 90-minute Masterclass where I’ll teach you these top key 3 things you need to get your business moving.

These are the 3 top things what we’ll cover:

I.  HOW TO GET STARTED: Where to find your customers

What to offer that your customers will buy and how to find them. Where’s your audience? How do you find them and let them know you’re open for business? I’ll show you the right things to do to find your people and not make mistakes that could ruin your future prospects.


You’re busy doing all the other life things. Whether you are working now, or you’ve got other life responsibilities, starting a business is a huge pile of things to do.

I’ll show you the most effective things to focus on to get your business off the ground and grow. If you want to make an impact, I’ll give you the important steps to focus on first that will keep you from thrashing around and not waste your time.

III.  HOW TO GET YOUR 1ST CUSTOMER IN 7 DAYS: How to get people to buy from you

Getting someone to buy your product or service seems to be a mystery. Do you have to be like an infomercial or used car salesman to sell and market? No you don’t, but you do need to know how to get across your message the right way. When you do, people will say yes to what you have to offer. I finally figured out how to do this right, and I’m going to show you what I learned that works.

I know what you may be thinking and have questions …

Q: But I haven’t started yet, will this help me?

A: YES! Even if you haven’t started yet, you’ll know the right way to begin. There are so many beginner mistakes you’ll want to avoid. This is going to save you time and get you ready to focus on the right thing.

Q: I’m not sure I know what I want to do for a business.

A: We’ll go over in this Masterclass just the right thing for you personally to offer and how to pick it. By the end of this class you will have clarity on what to offer that will attract customers best and be in your zone of genius.

Q: I don’t know if I can start a business.

A: If can do this, so you can you. I’ve been where you are now. I remember. You just need to know a few key things. I am going to make it easier for you to get started with things I wish I knew when I started out. I would have avoided a lot of mistakes and missteps. I want you to avoid them too.

Q: I’ve taken business classes that focus on social media, is this what you’re going to go over?

A: One of the big myths is that social media is the key to a successful business, it is not. You’ll be able to take what I teach you an apply it to a business that is both online AND in-person.  This will be focused on the key things you need to get your business started with or without social media.


Know how to attract the right people and have them find you easily. How to find and get customers that are a right fit for you.

Get your business going quickly by knowing the right things to focus on. You’ll have more clarity on what can bring you success with proven steps and methods that have worked for me.

Have the key to get people to buy what you have to offer. Easily get people to want to buy from you without any sleazy selling or twisting people’s arms.