Intuition Development Circle – Monthly

Intuition Development Circle – Monthly


The Intuition Development Circle membership practice the best intuition exercises with guidance from a teacher.
Doors are open only a few times a year!




Do you second-guess yourself and your decisions?
Does your ego prevent you from hearing your intuition?
Have you pushed away your intuitive abilities that you had as a child?
Do you want to rediscover and reconnect with your intuition again?
Do you feel lost and want to feel connected to your angels or a higher power?

Are you one of these people?

Perhaps you’re struggling to make decisions and always wondering if you made the right decision and you wish you had instant insight and divine guidance from your intuition.

Or, you’re already intuitive and want to have more reliability and detail from your intuition.

Or, perhaps you had gifts and intuitive abilities as a child but you pushed it away, and it’s gone underneath and now you want to bring it back because you’re ready to develop your skills further now.

Or, you may want to develop your intuition skills to use in your current career or start a new business and no longer want to waste any more time.

Maybe you’ve tried to access your intuition, but the books, classes and past teaching was vague, intangible and confusing.

It doesn’t have to be like that…because I’ve figured out how to master intuition in a tangible, clear and understandable way.

Now you can:
Learn how to reconnect with your intuition to make the right decisions.
Find out how to be connected to your angels and divine guidance.
Discover tools and tips to keep your Ego out of the way.
Make your intuition happen when you want and get detailed information.

I can help you develop your intuition to:

  • have instant intuition on demand – magic at your fingertips
  • get that insight and divine guidance from your intuition with a lot more ease
  • be connected to your guides and guardian angels with clarity and instant connection
  • receive immediate intuitive clarity on the right decision to make
  • stop your second guessing yourself
  • feel calm, assured and safe… finally have the peace your looking for

In this Intuition Development Circle I share with you the exact process I followed to create instant connection to my intuition. This is what led me to become a sold out intuitive reader and ultimately use my intuition to save my life. More importantly for you, this means when you’re part of the inner circle you too can experience magic results from becoming highly intuitive. This development circle has a variety of guided intuition exercises every month along with mini-classes, tips and resources. You won’t have to leave home to access them. You’ll receive material through email, an online member site, teleconferences, and live webinars where we can all be together.

And it’s all because of the Intuition On Demand technique I’ve developed behind the Intuition Development Circle. You’ll learn this easy technique and then use it during the month at home and in simple exercises with me to grow your skill quickly.

Now you can work on your intuition with me getting the best intuition instruction and exercises for skill building. I’ll guide you through actual intuition exercises via a group circle to help you find your intuitive messages that you are receiving but don’t know it.

During each month you’ll get a live intuition exercise to do with me, a fun to learn mini-class and something to try at home with tips and secrets that easily fit into your busy schedule.

This is the best opportunity of its kind if you want to learn to grow your intuition!

If you practice using your intuition with good intuition exercises, you can astronomically grow your intuition in a short amount of time. The problem is, there are good intuition exercises and bad intuition exercises.

Good intuition exercises are hard to find and so is finding a teacher who is a highly skilled intuitive to guide you. I’ll be selecting the best intuition exercises chosen especially for you and the group, plus I will be working with each of you in the group personally.

During live webinars, I will use my intuition expertise to help you personally decode your personal intuitive messages. This is where I can drill down and work to dig out what is your real intuition and what is not.

Plus you’ll learn the Intuition Development Success Path and exactly how to go from beginner to master intuitive and what steps you need to take to get there. This is the key to your ease in progressing down the path so you’re not struggling in the dark, not knowing where to go.

This is the only way you can get access to me on a regular basis without having to pay for an expensive one-on-one session.

You won’t have to leave home to do all of this, I will deliver the mini-instruction, resources and exercises through email, an online member site and live webinars where we can all be together.

All LIVE sessions are recorded so you won’t miss any and can always do the exercise at a later time. I will still help you if you do the exercises later.

Cancel Anytime.

For a $1.20 a day, become highly intuitive, grow to trust your intuition and be able to rely on it to make your best decisions.

Join a community of like minded students just like you.

Here’s what one of my students had to say after learning from me:

“Lisa’s teaching was my first introduction into understanding what intuition is, and to realizing how strong my intuition actually is. Since then I’ve become an intuitive advisor for other people myself, I live my live intuitively and it is what helps me build my business and my life and do amazing work for clients, among so many other amazing things. Developing intuitive powers is for me a never-ending amazing journey, and an investment in oneself that I’d wish all people would make as it is the gateway to powerful creation.” – Maiken Piil – Connect To Purpose

*** BONUS ***

Plus $1,021 in bonuses!

The Complete Intuition Development Circle $450
Bonus #1: Intuition Exercise Do’s and Don’ts $79
Bonus #2: Intuition On Demand Technique $97
Bonus #3: Intuition Tools $495

Don’t let golden opportunities and the right decisions pass you by because you aren’t tapped into your intuition to guide you.

Work with and master your intuition today – sign up and join the Intuition Development Circle!