Intuition and Energy [Class]

Intuition and Energy [Class]

Energy connection, protection, meaning and more!

Tired and worn out at work?

Find yourself affected by people long after they’ve left?

Unable to get your intuition to work for you?

Maybe it is because your energy is off, or you aren’t managing the energy of people well.

When I first was studying about intuition, I started to hear about this thing people kept referring to as energy. I’d hear about energy any time they’d talk about intuition.

Things like:

“Feel the energy and you’ll get more information.”


“You’ll know your intuition is right by the way the energy feels.”

I started to wonder, what is this “energy” thing? Because I love to learn, I started to study what I could about energy.

Turns out that people were talking about metaphysical energy. It’s not exactly the same energy we talk about in the science of physics, though it may be energy that exists that science can’t measure yet.

I discovered the cool things you can do with this energy and this class will teach you all the key points about what you can do with this energy and how to work with it.

I’m going to show you the HOW of Intuition and Energy – How to sense it, how know what it means, how work with it and how to protect yours.

By the end of this class you will:

  • You will have the knowledge on how to sense good and bad energy before it overwhelms you and makes you feel drained or not well.
  • You will know what the meaning is of energy feelings and what information it holds instead of being left in the dark over knowing something is happening but not know what.
  • You will know how to maintain your energy to keep it healthy in your body and your home instead of neglecting your body and home’s energy that can lead to unwanted moods and feelings.
  • You will learn how to use your intuition techniques and tools with energy to get more detailed information, richness in your intuition reading results instead of confusion over too much information that doesn’t make sense.

The Intuition and Energy class is easiest and quickest way to get the most important information about energy and how to use it.

You’ll be able to know:

  • What exactly energy feels like.
  • How to shield yourself from other people’s energy.
  • How to clear the energy of a place or yourself.
  • Sense and feel energy
  • Use energy with your intuition to get more detail (with anything)
  • Know which energy is good for you and what energy is not
  • Move energy in and out of a place, person or thing
  • Protect your energy
  • Know what different energy feelings mean
  • Use energy for intuition boosting so you can more strongly ”tuning in” and “turning it up”

This class is in two 1 hour parts:

  1. What you can do with energy
  2. How to work with energy 

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