The Angel Connection Video Series [DVD]

The Angel Connection Video Series [DVD]

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Have you ever wondered if you have anĀ angel watching over you? We all have angels that watch over us, all the time, everywhere we go. You were never meant to walk this life’s journey alone, without help, without hints and guidance as to where to go next. You have always been supported by unseen hands and spirit guides that were there even when you did not know it. It is a comfort to know that your guides, your angels, are always there for you, accepting you as you are and always giving you loving guidance and support. Now you can learn how to connect with your angels yourself so you can receive their guidance directly.

You can now learn how to connect with your angels directly! Because I know there are many of you who want to connect to your angels this will make these teachings more accessible to you.

This series of recordings of Webinars called The Angel Connection. In these webinars I will teach you on how to connect with your Angels, how to hear their messages of love and divine guidance that are specifically and especially for you. Angels are the messengers of God. You will also discover your spiritual communication style so that you can more easily recognize the visions, the words, thoughts and feelings that you receive as divine guidance. You will also learn how to discern the difference between true divine messages and the voice of your ego and learn how to get a clear understandable message from Heaven.

This entire series is 4 hours of jam packed information on how to connect with your angels and receive divine guidance directly for you to you!

You can purchase each part individually or you may buy all parts as a set.

Part 1 – Introduction to the Angels and Spirit Guides – 1 hour

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Part 2 – How To See, Feel, Hear And Know Your Angels – 1 hour and 22 mins

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Part 3 – How to Strengthen Your Connection to the Angels – 1 hour and 38 mins

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  • Who or What are the Angels
  • How to receive Divine Guidance
  • Find our why we are unaware of their messages
  • Learn how do to know when it’s my angels and not me?
  • Learn how to raise your vibration
  • Discover the best ways to practice, practice, practice!

Price for each part: $97.00

Price for all 3 parts: $291