Advanced Intuitive Membership – Monthly 250

Advanced Intuitive Membership – Monthly 250

An intimate coaching experience with Lisa K. to advance your intuition to the next level.

Now you can have an intimate coaching experience with Lisa K. to advance your intuition to the next level.

The focus of this experience is to practice, identify, validate and use your intuition to guide you to better decision making because what we all know to be true, is the quality of your life is dependent on the quality of your decisions. To complete your journey to mastery in this membership you will get for as long as you are subscribed:

Developing Your Intuition Level 1 Certification – A Solid Foundation: I understand the importance of building a strong foundation in intuitive development. As an Advanced Member, to strengthen your skills, I’m now offering a program to help you get there. You’ll receive Developing Your Intuition Level 1 certification, which covers in-depth material, distilled from all my training and giving you the best of the best of what I learned in all of my own certifications. This equips you with essential knowledge in intuitive development by filling the gaps in your knowledge. Some of what is included in Level 1 that you won’t find anywhere else in my training are:

    • Meditation Mastery: Learn the best meditation techniques to supercharge your psychic and intuition skills. Discover how to meditate effectively, understand different brain phases during meditation, and tap into the power of meditation for intuition.
    • Psychic Energy Demystified: Unravel the mysteries of psychic energy. Our course delves deep into understanding, managing, and harnessing psychic energy. You’ll learn how to identify and differentiate between positive and negative energies, an essential skill for any intuitive practitioner.

Developing Your Intuition Level 2 Certification – Intuition Mastery: Continue your journey with Level 2 certification. Here, you’ll learn how to apply your intuitive tools to specific real life challenges and develop the skills necessary to provide readings for others, if you so choose, or just apply these tools and techniques to your own life. What’s also included are:

    • Practical Insights: Gain valuable insights into the challenges you may face when doing readings for others, including handling difficult clients and unique situations.

Monthly Practice Sessions: Join our intense practice and QA sessions twice a month. You’ll work directly with me to refine your skills, overcome blocks, and become a more confident reader. In this intimate group we will practice using our intuition to guide our decisions and ultimately our life. In this experience, I will personally guide you through the process in a small group – identifying, validating and using your intuition. The advanced exercises are at a higher level where members will be practicing advanced intuition skills to extend and hone abilities in intuitively receiving highly accurate and very detailed, complex information in a variety of scenarios such as present, past and future, familiar or distant and unfamiliar locations, people and situations with very little information. Speed and accuracy are emphasized.

BONUS for Advanced Group only!

  • Guest Speakers: We’re excited to bring in guest speakers and teachers from the field of metaphysics, psychic development, and more. They’ll share their expertise, providing you with diverse perspectives and insights.
  • Business Support: If you’re considering starting your own spiritual business, our quarterly reviews of your sales and marketing materials will be a game-changer. Learn the secrets to improving your conversion rates and growing your business.

This group is meant for more advanced students and who want to go further and do more advanced work.

Advanced Intuitive Membership Sessions will cover:

Advanced LIVE Exercises with Lisa K. in a small group of students.

Hot seats where Lisa will coach you as you do the exercises.

Lisa teaching you how she does intuition readings and what goes on in her head during the process.

Advanced Exercises on how to use your intuition to make major decisions.

Advanced exercises with multiple intuition tools and advanced techniques.

Group participants have an opportunity to read and practice intuitive coaching for each other. The best part of the Advanced membership is you get assistance to help you with real life situations and problems.

All sessions are recorded so you can refer back to them for learning more, never miss one.

Spots are LIMITED!

Admission is through application send us a request via the “?” on the lower right corner of this page and we’ll send you a form to fill out.

Take your intuition skills to Mastery that only comes from being in this Advanced group.

Mastering your intuition will take you where you want to go in life. 

Be the best you can be.

Finally, BE your true authentic self. 

Guided to your highest good – only your intuition knows how to get there.

With the clarity that will allow you to flow in life, where everything is easy and smooth.

Connect to your Spirit, your Guides and All That Is – all the time. 

Always be supported, always guided, never alone.

Have it all, at your fingertips.