Developing Your Intuition – Level 2 Advanced [Course]

Developing Your Intuition – Level 2 Advanced [Course]

You’ve learned the basics, now go further! Take your intuition to the next level to use it for romance, relationships, career, business, health and wellness. Learn how to use intuition tools and advanced techniques. Help others with your intuition.

You’ll go to the next level in developing your intuitive skills. This level will include advanced techniques to further develop your intuition skills at a professional level, but you can still attend if you don’t want to be professional and just want to learn more. Also, you will learn how to get your spiritual business started, ramped up and noticed! These business techniques you can apply to any small business. PLUS you’ll also learn about Internet Marketing and how to leverage the web for your business.

You’re invited to take part in this fun, engaging course that’s all about uncovering and strengthening your natural intuitive abilities. Through intense workshops and exercises, you will strengthen and hone your abilities like you would a muscle, and the knowledge that you take away will last a lifetime.

Here’s What You’re Going to Learn…

This is Developing Your Intuition Level 2 (Advanced)! I’m going to reveal all my secrets on how I honed my intuition skills and became a sold out intuitive reader. I’ll show you how you can take your intuition to an expert level with procedures and techniques that are easy to follow.

If you’ve dabbled in reading for others, or just have begun to work with your intuition, this class is for you.

This class will have lots and lots of practice and advanced exercises, secrets, tips AND techniques I’ve developed and gathered from tons of experience and study. You’ll find out:

  • Tips and techniques to answer questions about – relationships, jobs/career, life purpose, health, angels/guides, family.
  • How to scan energy outside and inside a body.
  • How to see into someone’s past AND future.
  • FAQ – how to overcome obstacles in getting detailed messages.
  • How to do an amazing reading for someone else.
  • How to get sold out at reading events.
  • Sure fire process to get evidence in Mediumship.
  • How to speed read.
  • How to start and grow your spiritual business.
  • Using your intuition to attract abundance and manifest business.
  • The fast track to boosting your business with Internet Marketing.
  • How to stay tuned in and connected after class.


PLUS you get this bonus teaching on divination tools, house clearings AND Mediumship!!

I’m putting it all together now, and *I* AM excited!

I know you won’t learn this any where else, that’s because I’ve pulled together over a thousand hours of study, research and learning PLUS practiced real life experience to give you practical knowledge about how to boost your intuition and have amazing control.

That’s because I didn’t learn this from one place, this is all from an accumulation of years of learning from many masters, my multitude of certification and studies, lots of my own experience AND figuring out THE best way that really works.

AND I’m opening it up to everyone, you do NOT need to take Level One to take this course.

Learn Advanced Intuition Skills

Get more detailed information, find out special techniques and bonus material – learn remote viewing, house blessings and clearings and more.

TIPS, Secrets and Techniques

Read from just a name, photo, about the future, past. Learn evidential mediumship and how to use all kinds of divination tools.

Professionally Read for others

Learn how to give a great reading and what to watch out for.  Learn to give readings about careers, romance, wellness and relationships.

Start Your Spiritual Business

How to start your spiritual business from scratch, get out there and be “known” and be established.

Build Your Current Business Fast

Find out the best way to build your client list.  Get started in Internet Marketing, reach more people and build your business faster.

Find out how to use your intuition for:

  • Business – Money – Career
  • Love – Relationships – Romance
  • Health – Wellness – Physical Improvement
  • People relationships
  • Intuitive Energy Healing

Developing Your Intuition Level 2 – Course Modules

The course is divided into six modules. You will receive one module a week starting with the date you enrolled. Each module has both in-depth content and exercises you can access on your computer or mobile device anywhere any time. Course material includes videos, audio version of the video, worksheets, and exercises with private home work notes where you can exchange your results directly with your teacher. You have direct access to your teacher for any questions you may have throughout the course.


Look at What Other People Are Saying…

These are real testimonials from current students and clients…

I signed up for her Level One two day workshop to deepen my intuitive skills. In short it was beyond my expectations being beautifully organized, educational and expertly led to immediately start some hands on practice. The two days flew by and I am looking forward to Level Two! – Iris M., New Jersey

The past few weeks I have had three experiences that I have to credit to Lisa K.’s workshops: I knew when my cousin passed. I had a friend pass last week. I ” knew” that he passed when I received the call. Then Friday night, I had the sense of a freezing pipe, I then checked on the boiler, to find it stopped working! The fuel line was frozen! If I had not checked… Would have gone to bed…Lots of frozen pipes would have been the outcome! Lisa and her teachings have been a gift!

– George G., New York

Because of Lisa’s Intuition Level I course and the exercises she offers in her 6 Sensory group, I have been able to “hear” intuition “pops,” follow them and bring on an incredible series of synchronicities which have made what seemed impossible become a reality! Lisa’s teaching is helping ME tune in to ALL KNOWING to guide ME on MY PATH. I can’t wait to take Lisa’s Intuition Level II class. Thank you, Lisa. – Dale Domingue, Cornwall, NY

What I really appreciate about Lisa’s teachings is that she makes it feel simple and normal, which in turn takes the fear out of it for me. – Karin Puff, Ossining, NY

I had been struggling with reinventing myself after 15 years of spiritual work. I had added so many modalities that I didn’t know which way to go. Lisa’s workshop brought me into the future and gently tossed away the years of inertia. She helped me to get back to my passion, which was to my surprise totally new. thanks Lisa– Karen Bannick, New Jersey

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