How to Use the Power of Crystals Class

Do You Love Crystals?

Find out how what makes crystals special from metaphysics to the science of what makes them powerful.

This 2-hour Online Crystal Class will teach you about how to use the metaphysical power of crystals. So many of us love these semi-precious stones. Some examples are Quartz, Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst, Tourmaline. Learn what makes crystals special carriers of energy. Find out which crystals are good for healing, manifesting, protection, intuition development. Discover how to connect to higher wisdom and angelic realms. In this class we’ll go over the metaphysical properties of crystals. Learn how to use crystals to heal and develop your connection to energy. You will also learn how to meditate and resonate with a crystal’s energy and other methods on how to work with them as metaphysical tools. Find out which stones are best for you personally!

Here's what I'll teach you:

  • The science behind the power of crystals.
  • How to cleanse and clear your crystals.
  • The metaphysical properties of different crystals and which crystals are good for what.
  • Which crystals are good for shielding.
  • Which crystals are good for intuition development.
  • How to sense the energy in a crystal.
  • How to meditate with a crystal.

Crystal Secrets

In this class you'd discover little known facts about crystals:

  • No you don't have to get your crystals wet to clear them and which ways are the easiest.
  • Learn how to carry and use crystals.
  • Discover the do's and don'ts of crystals to keep yours lasting longer.
  • Find out the truth about crystals and their colors.
  • See which crystals are best for spiritual development.
  • Find out which are the most powerful crystals you can use.

Crystal love

Semiprecious gemstones

I have extensive background in metaphysical science - including crystal resonance therapy, qigong and other energetic healing modalities that I draw on and my science knowledge to share with you content in this webinar. Sign up for fascinating and informative content that reveals the truth behind crystal power.

When: Any time, any where on your computer, smart phone or device with internet.

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