Have you ever asked yourself these questions:

How do I know it’s my intuition and not me making it up?
How do I make my intuition happen when I want and on what I want?
How do I get more detail from my intuition?

Whether you are wanting to improve your day to day life or dealing with a life upheaval, you may often wish you had dependable internal guidance.

Perhaps get a message or some grace from God letting you know things will be okay. Know that you are not alone or just assurance of the right thing to do next.

You want that inner guidance.

I can give you the answers that I know work because I did it myself. I started from scratch, feeling like I had no idea what intuition was, or if I even had intuition, and after many years of research, training and using my intuition to help others, my intuition saved my life.

Now I want to teach you how to develop yours.

Simply signup and get lifetime access to any course – which you can watch on your smartphone, laptop, or any mobile device, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE.

If you feel lost, trapped or anxious about making decisions or want to find your life’s path and be more confident Developing Your Intuition is for you. Get your calm, center back. Feel connected and supported always.

Develop Your Intuition Today!

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Developing Your Intuition Level 1

Developing Your Intuition Level 1

Learn How to Make Your Intuition:

  • happen WHEN you want
  • on WHAT you want
  • know when you’re making it up
  • AND get detailed information from your intuition.

Learn how to use your intuition to:

  • Make important decisions
  • Have better relationships
  • Help your love life
  • Improve your health
  • Find your soul mate and
  • Manifest more.

Life is just smoother and happier when your intuition is guiding you. Lisa’s course will show you how to develop your intuition quickly and easily from scratch. Lisa teaches this as an in-person workshop or through online courses you can take any time anywhere. Developing your intuition allows you to take charge of your life, and make choices with confidence.

This is a 6-week online course

Sign up for the course here: http://www.lmk88.com/press/develop-your-intuition-online-class/

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Welcome to Developing Your Intuition online by Lisa K.  Lisa often has clients from around the globe, and now you can easily and conveniently learn take Lisa’s intuition classes over the Internet. If you can’t travel to take one of Lisa’s intuition workshops and private instruction, you now can get the classroom experience right in the comfort of your own home by attending her in-depth online intuition classes where you can see, hear, and interact with her much the same way you would in person. Even if you’re not able to make the online class, registered participants will be able to watch the recorded version.[/text_block]

What others are saying about Lisa K.’s teaching:


I love your stuff! Ever since I saw you teaching about intuition on YouTube…you got me hooked by how you made using intuition look so simple. I have heard people teach about intuition but many times it always went over my head until I heard you….you broke it down just the way I like it. You are a great teacher. It’s a gift.

Caroline J., OmTimes Magazine Subscriber

Without a bit of hesitation I signed up for her Level One two day workshop to deepen my intuitive skills. In short it was beyond my expectations being beautifully organized, educational and expertly led to immediately start some hands on practice. The two days flew by and I am looking forward to Level Two! Whether it be a reading a workshop or as I would recommend both Lisa K is a gift to all who are blessed to come in contact with her!

Iris M., Developing Your Intuition Level One Graduate

Terrific workshop. Love every moment.  This is the very first time I have been in a learning situation where I have not felt intimidated. Your ability to make learning comfortable, easy and fun is amazing. I am so very grateful for this amazing experience.

Beryl H., Developing Your Intuition Level One Graduate

I’ve taken Lisa’s Level I and II (Advanced) courses, and I can tell you first hand, they are awesome. In the true sense of the word, not the overused cliche. I’m taking Level I again (online because I’ve moved from New York to Arizona). There’s always new material, BUT BY FAR THE MOST MEANINGFUL THING I DID AND INVESTIGATED WAS LISA’S INTUITION DEVELOPMENT. I greatly appreciate how she uses her knowledge of how the brain functions not only to dispel the “woo-woo” reputation of metaphysics, but to actually utilize how the brain works to develop teaching exercises which force us to “exercise” the right side of our brains.

Dale D., Developing Your Intuition Level 1 and 2 Graduate

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