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How to know it’s your intuition

Have a tough time knowing whether it’s your intuition or you’re making it up?


How to trust your intuition

Find out how to trust your intuition and make it more reliable.


How to find out what your intuition is telling you

Is your intuition trying to send you a message but it’s unclear?

What others are saying about Lisa K.’s teaching:


“I love your stuff! Ever since I saw you teaching about intuition on YouTube…you got me hooked by how you made using intuition look so simple. I have heard people teach about intuition but many times it always went over my head until I heard you….you broke it down just the way I like it. You are a great teacher. It’s a gift.”

Caroline J., OmTimes Magazine Subscriber

“Without a bit of hesitation I signed up for her Level One two day workshop to deepen my intuitive skills. In short it was beyond my expectations being beautifully organized, educational and expertly led to immediately start some hands on practice. The two days flew by and I am looking forward to Level Two! Whether it be a reading a workshop or as I would recommend both Lisa K is a gift to all who are blessed to come in contact with her!”

Iris M., Developing Your Intuition Graduate

“Terrific workshop. Love every moment. This is the very first time I have been in a learning situation where I have not felt intimidated. Your ability to make learning comfortable, easy and fun is amazing. I am so very grateful for this amazing experience.”

Beryl H., Developing Your Intuition Graduate

“I’ve taken Lisa’s Level I and II (Advanced) courses, and I can tell you first hand, they are awesome. In the true sense of the word, not the overused cliche. I’m taking Level I again (online because I’ve moved from New York to Arizona). There’s always new material, BUT BY FAR THE MOST MEANINGFUL THING I DID AND INVESTIGATED WAS LISA’S INTUITION DEVELOPMENT. I greatly appreciate how she uses her knowledge of how the brain functions not only to dispel the “woo-woo” reputation of metaphysics, but to actually utilize how the brain works to develop teaching exercises which force us to “exercise” the right side of our brains.”

Dale D., Developing Your Intuition Graduate

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