Private Notes/Exercise Completion in Circle

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Private Notes/Exercise Completion in Circle

1. When you submit a note Lisa will get an email to see it, it generally takes 24 to 48 hours to reply and it make take longer on weekends and holidays. If additional information is needed, Lisa will reach out to you.

NOTE: If you write a new note over your previously sent note before Lisa has replied, your note first note will disappear and Lisa will only be able to see the last note sent.

2. Once Lisa reads your note and replies, you will then get your exercise marked as done with a check mark. If no additional response is needed, Lisa will apply a check mark beside that particular exercise.

3. If a Circle members has completed an exercise LIVE with Lisa, they can just write that in the private note box and Lisa will check it off as done.

NOTE: If you have not heard back from Lisa or received a check mark after 72 hours of submission, please email us at