Getting started in a Practice Partner Group & Basic Instructions

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Getting started in a Practice Partner Group & Basic Instructions

Welcome to Practice Partner Group

Welcome to practicing with partners in your Practice Partner Group!  Here are some basic instructions before you start.

  1. Follow the instructions HERE to get into Discord. Please give us time to ADD you to the Circle group. Once you're added, you'll be able to see the Circle Chat and Video Rooms.
  2. Introduce yourself in the group when you’ve joined, Circle members are a great bunch!
  3. To practice with other members on Discord, you'll need to find someone to meet with on a video call and arrange a time and date. You can also put this as an event (follow the instructions HERE   …scroll down To “How to Create an Event”  to learn how to create an event event) in discord and ask if anyone ELSE wants to join. Please be sure to contact members and agree to a time and date when you will meet before creating an event. There isn’t an option to invite members.
  4. Practice Partner Group time is allocated for the 4th week of each month in Circle BUT you can practice together throughout the month.
  5. For each exercise you can practice in a round robin fashion. One person volunteers to be sitter, and then someone else can be sitter so everyone gets to practice.
  6. If you wish to practice in a Chat room you can do an exercise this way: Someone can volunteer to be ‘sitter' and provide the subject for the exercise, e.g. a name or a photograph, or whatever is the ‘trigger' for the exercise of the month. The sitter can also give a date when they will do the ‘reveal' and give feedback on other's results. Then the others in the group can post what they received intuitively on that trigger before that date. If you don't want to meet on video you can practice through a chat room. You can put what you received intuitively in a chat message in Discord. That way you do not have to be together to give feedback, but it is important that you do give feedback and in the proper way (see “How to give feedback”). You may want to get together to give each other feedback.
  7. If you are doing an exercise in a Video Room: Do the exercise from Circle for the month and follow the steps Lisa has shown in the LIVE exercise for the month. Or you can make up your own if you’d like BUT I would recommend that you do NOT do readings for each other in the beginning. Readings do not always give you validation on your intuition results, which means you can’t see if you were right or not and therefore not good intuition practice. Also, readings are an advanced practice.
  8. Make sure you’ve looked at the Intuition Exercises Do’s and Don’ts Video in the “Start Here” section of our Circle membership site, so you know how to make up a good exercise versus a bad one.
  9. Don’t forget to WRITE everything you get down and circle, star or celebrate your hits – this is important because it is how you will get better. By writing what you receive down, you’ll know how you personally experience your intuition.
  10. Read the “How to give feedback” below.
  11. Have fun!

(Do you have questions? Don’t be afraid to ask Lisa or an Advanced Circle member.)

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