How do the Scheduled Group Sessions Work?

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How do the Scheduled Group Sessions Work?

The Scheduled Group Session is a designated day and time each month, for members of Circle to practice the exercise of the month with one another. These sessions are held on Zoom and you will have the opportunity to practice in a small group with 1-2 members!

  1. Log into Zoom where Lisa K will put you into small groups of 2 or 3 in a breakout room.
  2. Begin by selecting who will be “sitter” first. This is essentially the leader for the first round of the practice session.
  3. The sitter in your group will present an intuition trigger (photo, name, etc.) related to the exercise of the month.
    NOTE: To share a photo, you will need to have the photo on the device you are on and share your screen to the other participants in your breakout room.
  4. The other members in the group will use the intuition trigger (photo, name, etc.) related to the exercise of the month, to intuitively get information to then share with their partner(s) in Zoom.
  5. The sitter will then review the results of each partner. The sitter goes over the individuals list of intuitive feedback and tells each member if their intuitive feedback is a hit or a maybe miss. Remember, please be polite and kind when sharing with others in your group. This is practice for everyone and a safe zone to share.
  6. Repeat steps 1 through 5 for each partner. It’s amazing how quickly you begin to pick up on more intuitive pieces!

You may need to share a picture/photograph in zoom. Before the group session you may want to know how to do this ahead of time.

Please look at instructions on how to do this here:

Here is a link where you can find additional information on Zoom and how to set up your audio and camera during these calls: