Important question for you who…

…have a big decision to make but can’t decide or second guess yourself
wishing you had some intuition to do the right thing

…as a child, you were so intuitive, you could read people so well,…
you knew what was going to happen before it did,… and suddenly it disappeared,
ever since then you’ve tried to get it back but it eludes you

…had your intuition squashed because of negative comments
from adults or people around you, but you knew inside it really
is an asset but can’t seem to reconnect to it

…believe everyone is intuitive, wonder if you are too
and want the magic of intuition for yourself

If there was a predictable way to access your intuition to have the right answers at your fingertips every time you need it without the pain of second guessing yourself, self-doubt, and not being able to make a decision …

would you finally feel confident enough
to make a strong intuition a priority?

Here’s why you don’t have
reliable answers from your intuition

that give you the right decisions to make

Every day, your intuition is giving you answers hour by hour, minute by minute with a treasure trove of information containing the right thing for you to do or action to take to reach your goals of having a dream life

Question is:
Are you recognizing that intuition information?

And whether you’ve taken a class or read a book, or many classes and books, the success of being able to access your intuition accurately rests heavily on your answer to this question.


That you’re not recognizing your intuition, don’t know exactly what it’s telling you and can’t access intuition on demand …


Recognizing your intuition feels random at best, draining your energy while leaving you confused and doubtful that you even have intuition

Then Keep Reading…

Because what follows could easily be the most pivotal moment that you look back on when you’re getting intuitive messages that are amazingly out of the blue, but right on again and again, and without a doubt you know exactly what it’s telling you.

Giving you confidence that you can rely on your intuition for big life decisions, and knowing you can access vital information in any situation, that others won’t see. Using your intuition for any situation, and even allowing you to use your intuition to help others with confidence.

But first…

I know what it’s like… I’ve been there.
Life throws you a curve ball, and everything changes…

You come into work at your usual time in the morning, coffee in hand and you sit down at your desk. You login to your computer and see a stream of emails in your inbox. Before you’ve even had a chance to open the first one suddenly your boss walks up to your cubicle with a serious somber look and says we need to talk right away, can you come into their office. Now you’re wondering…am I in trouble? What do I do?

That person you’ve been exclusively dating for a while now, and think you’ve finally found then one and you wonder if they really, truly like you too, though you’re not sure,… texts you and says they want to talk about your relationship… leaving you with that drop in pit of your stomach

Or your cell phone notification pings you with a voice mail notification. You open up your voice mail and see it’s from your doctor who you just saw a couple of days ago. He leaves a message for you that says he needs to talk to you in person about your recent medical test…


Your suddenly filled with anxiety,
a feeling of being out of control…
you wish you had help

Now what?
What do you do?

You can’t google an answer on what to do next.

You deserve to have the confidence and conviction
of being able to trust yourself because your intuition
clearly guides you with the right information.

You just want to know what your intuition is telling you like those other people who say they steadfastly rely on their intuition all the time and confidently tell you that it’s always right.

All humans have gut feel and intuition just as animals have instinct. You should be able to tap into it and access vital information you can use to make right decision.

No matter what life throws you, you should be able to have insight into the next right thing to do because your intuition is giving you answers that feel right in your heart and gut.

You know you can discover your true path and finally serve the world in a way that leaves you feeling you’ve stepped into your own power because you’re connected to your truth, guided by your intuition every step of the way creating synchronicities that open up doors magically.

You deserve to always feel supported, never feel alone nor afraid. You deserve to not have so much stress and worry in life when you’re connected to your intuition.

Here’s why most people have trouble with their intuition:

Without a clear understanding of how intuition works both inside your body and mind, you won’t know when it’s actually your intuition or interference from your thinking and emotions.

When there is no technique to use to get your intuition to work for you when you want it and actually get useful information from it, you feel lost.

Without an easy to understand technique, when you can’t practice building your intuition because there is no process to use to improve your skill.

This leaves people struggling, feeling confused and out of control.

Here’s why they are destined to fail.

Without a clear picture of knowing when your intuition is truly talking to you and instead being a muddled mess of your thoughts and emotions, you are actually reinforcing confusion in your mind when you try to listen to your intuition.

Without a step-by-step technique you can practice to get your intuition under control, to trigger it at will and then properly interpret it’s meaning, you will not be able to trust yourself when making decisions because you will end up sitting there waiting for intuition to appear.

Therefore, armed with the solid intuition technique and a way to consistently practice using it the right way, you can unmistakably know what it is like to actually experience true intuition so you can trust it, and how to use your intuition at will, you can avoid these problems and move forward.

Fortunately for you, it is possible to connect with your intuition in a make sense way, which means…

there is an opportunity for you to take advantage of getting your intuition under your control so you can trust yourself and make the right decisions, so your life be in alignment with the right path.

This is, of course, if you can avoid some widespread myths and mistakes most people believe and do.

The 5 Myths
That Stop You From Being Highly Intuitive

Myth 1:

Meditation will develop my intuition.

Most people hear that the way to develop their intuition is to meditate. Meditation alone does not develop your intuition. Meditation can help you practice being calmer and quieting your noisy thinking mind, but it does not develop your ability to use your intuition and know what your intuition is telling you. Sitting and waiting for your intuition or gut feel to appear means you’ll be waiting for a long time not knowing what you’re waiting for. You need a specific conscious technique to trigger your intuition to work for you when you want it to.

Myth 2:
Figuring out the ONE best way you receive intuition, e.g. through feelings, images, etc.

People believe that they need to discover the ONE best way they receive intuition. When you limit yourself to one way of receiving intuition, you miss out on the richness of more detailed information you can get from all the ways intuition comes to you. Everyone can receive intuition in a variety of ways because we can physically use all of our 5 senses. To get more information from your intuition, you have to have a way to discover all the different ways intuition can come to you, not just one.

Myth 3:
Sit in nature, ground yourself, let your imagination run free, be creative are exercises that improve your intuition.

These are not intuition exercises and will not directly improve your ability to control your intuition. True intuition exercises have specific tangible steps and important rules that work directly with your intuition to consistently build your intuition awareness, skill and accuracy. Real intuition exercises give you instant feedback when your intuition is working and can show you directly how it comes to you. With real effective intuition exercises you can continue to practice and build your intuition skill with specific steps that give you clear results.

Myth 4:
Knowing what your Chakras are

Lots of books and courses on intuition spend a lot of time talking about the Chakras. While this interesting information, it is not necessary to know to develop your intuition. You can save time by getting right to the meat of what is going be most effective in working on your intuition. You need tangible steps and methods so you can apply your intuition to specific situations and decisions in your life to get results.

Myth 5:
Reading a book, or taking a course or class is enough to develop your intuition

There are tons of books, courses and classes on how to develop your intuition abilities. Even the best of them just leave you with information. Then you’re on your own to figure out how to put it to use. What they don’t tell you is, like all skills, when you’re new at something…it doesn’t always work perfectly the first time. Sometimes it feels like it’s not working at all. That is why you need to practice what you learned so you can grow your skill. The key here is practicing the right way and exercise your intuition with the RIGHT intuition exercises.

I’m going to let you in on an important secret

Even though there are books, courses, classes and FB groups out there teaching about intuition they don’t have a clear process or technique. More importantly, they never teach you what to do to grow your intuition skill through practice.

They are generally very similar in what they teach but they leave out important “how to” steps which often leaves a student feeling lost, confused and not understanding the vague terms and woo-woo explanations.

PLUS, once you’ve left the class or course, you leave your teacher and support behind. There’s no continued support or coaching when you have problems or blocks.

There are many people learning about intuition this way, but only a few who will become skilled at it and most will not move forward in their intuition consistency and accuracy.

But if you can focus on practicing the right intuition technique with good intuition exercises that get you connected to your intuition you will grow your intuition skill to mastery to allow you to trust yourself and make the right decisions and get valuable insight into any situation.

The Good News Is…

Becoming highly intuitive to access valuable and actionable
information from your intuition is easier than ever.

If you’re still with me, then you ALREADY know that strengthening your intuition skill is key to breaking out of being stuck in life and knowing the right decisions to make without hesitation or doubt.

But maybe you didn’t know that by using the Intuition On Demand Technique with the right practice methods and highly effective intuition exercises on a consistent basis will grow your intuition skill to mastery, so you’ll have the power to:

  • Be able to know a situation will occur before it does so you can be prepared for it
  • Face a sudden crisis where you’ll have the answers at your fingertips to know how to handle the situation intuitively.
  • Reduce anxiety and worry in life because of your ability to tap into your intuitive guidance.
  • Take the right action steps to put you directly on your right life path and purpose and be in alignment with your truth.

These outcomes are totally in your reach and is your birthright. You just need to get back on track to access the natural part of your brain that is intuitive by taking a straight line, step-by-step approach that you can practice and hone easily.

One that leverages the science behind the intuitive mind’s way of thinking and the best practices that have gotten hundreds of students control over a new powerful intuition skill.

And with your permission, I’d LOVE to show you how to do just that.

Hi I’m Lisa K.
and I’ve discovered the secrets to tapping into your intuition

when you want and on what you want so it’s on demand with detail and clarity.

Having studied intuition and psychic abilities for over a decade and have degrees in psychobiology and engineering, with a PhD dissertation on intuition, I became a master intuitive from scratch as well as a sold-out intuitive reader.

My intuition then saved my life and because of my success with my intuition, I moved on to teaching others how to tap into their intuition.

I’ve worked with thousands of people around the world to help them develop their intuition skills to make great life decisions.

Students have been able to master their intuition to use it on demand.

And many mastered their intuition to help others.

All of them started from scratch like me, not knowing if they had intuition at all and those who felt they were intuitive but couldn’t rely on it, to now trusting their gut all the time.

Don’t just take it from me, here are some of my student’s words:

“Lisa’s teaching was my first introduction into understanding what intuition is, and to realizing how strong my intuition actually is.

Lisa shares great exercises, which helps people to tune into their intuitive power.I found out how accurate I was. It was my first step to becoming conscious of my intuitive power.

Since then I’ve become an intuitive advisor for other people myself, I live my live intuitively and it is what helps me build my business and my life and do amazing work for clients, among so many other amazing things.”

-Maiken P.

“I was nervous in the beginning because I really didn’t think I could do it, I didn’t know I had any skills. Until I started practicing, I had nothing.

I think that’s the missing piece for so many people. When you have a teacher guiding you along when you’re getting stuck, it’s so helpful.

I’ve come so far, and I’m getting really reliable stuff from my intuition.Now I feel like I’m moving in the right direction.”

– Elizabeth R.

This whole experience of working on my intuition is opening up all kinds of things in my life it’s really amazing. I’ve been offered a job. It’s because I’m looking at myself being empowered. It’s just really exciting to me.”

-Wade C.

What you teach is easy and it is comprehensive from the get-go. The Intuition Development Circle was another huge key element to progressive development in the fast lane. Because having the exercises that you provide, and then being in a forum where if you’ve got a question, you have a teacher who can answer it for you and get the response that you’re looking for. That was essential as far as the recipe goes for getting my intuition to work.

My life has changed tremendously I have much more peace, contentment, I don’t worry, there’s nothing to worry about because I know the outcome before there’s an outcome. I’m so grateful for it that I avoid the pitfalls most people have to experience. And then, of course, even the tiniest, minimal thing, driving to the parking lot – this lane’s got an open spot, I just feel it, ding, there it is.”

– Lisa



The Intuition Development Circle

The most efficient way to master your intuition
by doing simple exercises in a way
that fits into your lifestyle.

You’ll get only the best exercises to grow your intuition skills
whatever stage you’re at whether you are a beginner or advanced.

My Intuition Exercise Practice method has been distilled
to use the most effective, least intimidating and best results producing system
to grow your intuition skills quickly.

You will always be at the very best and right stage for you because:

  • You’re never behind, and you have exactly what you need at any stage or level.
  • Everything you need is in circle, both as interactive experiential and recorded exercises you have access to 24/7.
  • There are mini-lessons to help you learn and remember key topic areas and instructions.
  • Each month you get my support through LIVE webinars as well as email.
The Intuition Development Circle

What’s in the Circle and why people love it

Each week you’ll get one of these:

Intuition Exercise Guided LIVE Webinar –

Work with me and get direct guidance as you do the exercise. In the Circle you get THE Best Intuition Exercises that move you along fast. Plus, you get teacher coaching with every exercise – the practical way to learn what your personal intuition experience is like with the specific guidance to learn what your intuition and gut messages are.

Intuition Mini-Lessons that Moves You Along the Intuition Mastery Success Path –

Each month I cover an aspect of intuition milestones on the success path to intuition mastery to help move you along. Mini-Lessons are designed to be short and concise to help you move along the Intuition Mastery Success Path more quickly.

Intuition TIP Sheets and Secrets –

These valuable TIP sheets provide you secrets that I’ve uncovered working with thousands of students that helped them accelerate accessing their intuition. Plus, the tips cover problems everyone often experiences and how you can overcome them. Tips gives you insight on what to work on in the different success path stages to help you move forward. You’ll consistently move forward, blasting away the blocks and obstacles most people face so you can move on to using your intuition to make the right decisions.

Scheduled Group Exercise or LIVE Q&A session –

Scheduled group practice to do exercises live with another circle member will help you get that extra practice in if you’d like. Our community of kind and supportive students give you the best opportunity to hone your intuition skills while in a safe supportive environment.  Special Circle Q&A session with me to get your questions answered. Always be supported with live Q&As so you can move forward and get past your obstacles that keep you from making progress.


BONUS Value:

My coaching fee alone is a $300/hour value!

You get my support and coaching as part of being in the Circle.

Your monthly subscription gives you immediate access to all current and past resources and sessions.

The Circle also provides you complete access to the Intuition Mastery Success Path
the quickest way to get to Intuition Mastery.

I’ve poured all of the knowledge, experience and education…

I’ve collected over a decade and distilling the best process you can take to develop your intuition.

If you were to get the same education, read the same books and courses
I took it would cost you tens of thousands of dollars.

But you can benefit from my experience and investment to gain
the best of the best for a low monthly price.


Intuition Exercise Do’s and Don’ts –
Full online class FREE (a $79 value)
  • Are you doing the wrong intuition exercises?
  • Have you wasted your time doing your exercises improperly?
  • Do you know the best way to maximize your intuition practice results?

There are right ways and wrong ways to do an intuition exercise and most books and teachers don’t tell you this. There are also good and bad intuition exercises which you will not find on google or in most classes. Find out the best intuition exercises to develop your intuition and get to know your gut feeling’s meaning and how to do them properly!

In this bonus class you learn what the best intuition exercises are and why. How to do intuition exercises properly and not waste your time. Plus, how to do the exercises to maximize your intuition accuracy and results.


In depth training and work with the
Intuition On Demand technique
(Value $495)

Next, you’re getting the complete in-depth explanation of the Intuition on Demand technique.  Have you ever wondered how to get more detailed information from your intuition? In this bonus training, I’ll show you in depth how each step is done.  After this, you’ll immediately get the deep meaning behind your intuitive feelings.  Plus all the exercises are designed to work with the steps in the technique so you can apply it externally in real life situations. This program is available right after you register.


Intuition Tools to use when you’re emotional
(Value $295)

To also help you get there faster, in circle, you’re also going to get Intuition Toolsthroughout the monthly material.  Are you wondering how to access your intuition when you’re in a tough situation and your emotions get in the way?In this advanced training you’ll learn how to use Intuition Tools so that you can still get valuable information from your intuition even when you’re fearful or stressed.  These are tools that I have discovered or developed over many years of doing intuitive readings for the public. They are invaluable.

The complete dollar value for what you’ll get for being in Circle would be over $1,169,
PLUS the thousands of dollars of uncountable knowledge value of experience and knowledge
that is proven to work all for ONLY $30 per month or $1 per day.


 The Intuition Development Circle

Become A Circle Member Today and Get Instant Access

Choose the membership option that works best for you:



Less than $1/day

Best Value


Get 2 months FREE!

You might be thinking….

Everyone does – it’s biological in the intuitive part of your brain

You don’t need much – you pay a dollar a day. That’s less than the price of a cup of tea. You’ll pay this price as long as you stay subscribed, even if the price goes up.

This is a mastery process. The Intuition Mastery Success Path guides you through the exact development steps you need to make your intuition more consistent and build your trust in your gut feelings quickly.

PLUS, instead of going to a class and coming out forgetting everything you learn then loosing access to your teacher, I’m there working with you on-going as much or as little as you want.

The Circle membership is designed to be easy and simple, easy to consume, small chunks of material. Each week you get a little exercise, and you don’t have to do it all. All exercises are always there for you and you can access it any time you want as long as you stay subscribed. Many of the exercises you can do during your regular daily life at a time convenient for you.  All exercises are recorded including the live ones.

Those Facebook groups are unstructured and loose. They do not have a path to intuition mastery success.My membership is designed all around the intuition mastery success path. Often those groups are not led by an experienced teacher or someone with deep knowledge of intuition and how to help students find out what their intuitive symbols, messages mean. In my Circle, you get the quickest path to intuition mastery with my help every step of the way.

You don’t have to have any experience, knowledge or have read my book to be part of the Circle. The Circle material is provided at all levels from Beginner to Advanced and progresses through to intuition mastery with all the material available to you. New material is added every week.

The Intuition Development Circle is perfect for you if:

You’re tired of stagnating in your life.

You want to move forward and are ready to take on the challenge to make it happen.

You are a logical and grounded person who loves a step by step approach that makes sense.

You’re someone who’s just getting started and wants to do it right.

You’re already struggling with your intuition and want to fix it once and for all.

You want to do more in your life and finally know the right path to take.

You need to trust yourself again and know for sure how to go with your gut and follow your intuition.

Become the Master Intuitive where…

  • You now find intuition is guiding you to amazing synchronicities.
  • You hear intuition easily.
  • You know when it is real intuition and you’re not making it up.
  • You rely intuition to give you divine guidance for life issues.
  • You feel sure that intuition will always be there for you.
  • You can help others with your intuitive guidance.

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