Make Better Decisions, Live a Better Life

Every day our decisions either have a positive or negative impact on our lives.

From the food we eat, the way we exercise, our relationships,
our careers — they are all impacted by the decisions we make day to day.

And these decisions either move us closer or further away from
us living our best life.

Are you aware of what is influencing your decisions every day?

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The Compounding Effect of Your Decision Making

When you become aware and in control over your decisions
you gain control over the destiny of your life

Moving From Unconscious Poor Decisions
to Intentional Good Decisions is a Skill

Are You Aware of How You Make Decisions?

The problem is that that most decision making occurs primarily at an unconscious level.  We just do it. It means we aren’t even aware of HOW we are making decisions which is frightening given the tremendous ripple effect it has on our lives.

As we move through life our decisions accumulate, the more good decisions you make the closer you get to your goals, the more bad decisions lead us away from where we want to be.

Most thoughts arise … without your knowing how they got there….many decisions go on in the silence of the mind.” – Daniel Kahneman, Nobel Prize winner for his work on decision making.

Too many bad decisions can lead us down the wrong path

You can end up where you don't want to be.

How many times have you seen, or maybe experienced making the wrong decision?

There are stories filled with missed opportunities for just the right thing…

  • the soul mate that you passed up only to realize later they were the one,
  • the investment that could have made you money,
  • the health treatment that caused more problems than the illness.

The wrong choice was made.

Jane had a fast-growing business, the future was looking great. She was well known in the media and had a great reputation with her customers. Then an opportunity came up to partner with another business that fit perfectly with hers. Initially Jane was unsure but decided to go with it.

Things began wonderfully, until the business partner’s owner, wanting more control, had a falling out with Jane. But it didn’t end there, the business partner was vindictive and went to the media with false accusations about Jane. Her reputation was ruined, and it took a long time to get her customers to trust her again.

It’s amazing how the decisions we make, whether they are small or big can have a tremendous impact on our lives.

We often make decisions without knowing the best way to make a decision, which is frightening given the tremendous ripple effect it has on our lives.

So if decision making is so important and is the #1 contributing factor to our success in life, then…

Get Control of Your Decision Making

The best decisions are made with a combination of both analysis and intuition.

The analysis is all about gathering the research, looking at the data, and being able to logically analyze your next step based on the intel you have available to you.

Your intuition is different. Your intuition is a powerful force that each of us have within us. And when used properly can guide us to make good decisions 85-90% of the time.

Our intuition has the big picture and allows us to see with clarity so we can know where to go. We have a wealth of the right answers within us, we just need to access it. Our intuition holds the core of those right answers.

The most successful people in the world, when pressed for how they got there, will answer they made the right decisions by combining data with going with their gut.

“Senior executives believe that higher intuitive abilities would contribute to greater business success.”
— Global Report: International Survey on Intuition

When I look back on my life, I realized how important certain decisions were in my life.

  • The person I chose to marry, the love of my life, which created the best highs and gotten me through the worst lows. My life is richer beyond what I could have ever imagined having chosen the right person, my intuition told me he was the one.
  • My business has grown tremendously since my intuition told me the perfect people to connect with and learn from. My business, by the way is my dream job, I love what I do because my intuition showed me my passion.
  • And… as you may have heard my story, my intuition saved my life when I was seriously ill and the doctors were ignoring me. I could have died.

Without making these important decisions coupled with my intuition, I know my life would not be as fulfilled or happy… or if I would even be here…

The results people are getting from Circle

“Circle has taught me new tools that really work!”

– Bruce Towe

Jeff Bezos, Oprah Winfrey and Richard Branson all credit their success to making decisions with their intuition.

Many successful people who learned how to trust their intuition and use it as a tool for decision making.
“All of my best decisions in business and in life have been made with heart, intuition, guts, you know, not analysis.”

-Jeff Bezos, founder of

“Learning to trust your instincts, using your intuitive sense of what’s best for you, is paramount for any lasting success. I’ve trusted the still, small voice of intuition my entire life. And the only time I’ve made mistakes is when I didn’t listen.”


“I rely far more on gut instinct than researching huge amounts of statistics.”

-Richard Branson, Virgin Group founder

“Some of the most pivotal pivots in my career have come from having that intuition, recognizing that it’s there, identifying what it’s trying to tell me, and then committing to and making decisions based on it.”

-Stu Mclaren, serial multi-million dollar entrepreneur

Confidence that it really is your intuition

“Mentally, I feel much more confident and at peace with every decision I make and have felt this way since finding Lisa and Circle last spring.”

– Jennifer Henshall

“I feel more confident in recognizing intuition than before I joined circle.”

– Jan Tully

“Circle has given me more confidence”

– Bruce Towe

The point is, you make better decisions
using your intuition than without.

But here’s the problem…
Nobody Has Ever Taught Us HOW To Access Our Intuition to Make Decisions

Imagine having this incredibly powerful guiding force and not knowing how to use it?

Crazy right?

And yet, intuition is a foundational component to making good decisions and when used, can lead to incredible breakthroughs in life.

  • When you decided if you would go to college or where you would go?
  • A relationship and whether you should continue or part ways?
  • Or your career… should you take that job?  Start your own business?
  • Should you move where you live or where to move to?

Can you see how one decision has taken your life in a totally different direction?

Now imagine having a guide (your intuition), helping you make GOOD decisions.

Decisions that don’t leave you spinning your wheels or constantly second guessing yourself.

Decisions that feel right and that leave you confident moving forward.

It’s possible and I can show you how.

Hi, my name is Lisa K.

Having studied intuition skills for over a decade and have degrees in psychobiology and engineering, with a PhD dissertation on intuition, I mastered my intuition from scratch.

I discovered how intuition works and put together a step-by-step method that works consistently and reliably to access your intuition any time.

When I was seriously ill with a disease that would have killed me, I had to rely on my intuition to help me make a decision on what to do. That decision saved my life.

Because of my success with developing my own intuition, I moved on to teaching others how to access their intuition to make decisions.

I’ve worked with thousands of students around the world to help them develop their intuition skills to make great life decisions.

All of them started from scratch like me, not knowing if they had intuition at all and those who felt they were intuitive but couldn’t rely on it, to now trusting their intuition reliably. They all can now make the best decisions without that feeling of doubt or uncertainty.

And through this, I developed a process for not only identifying one’s intuition but utilizing it to help guide decision making.

This process gets results

Lisa's teaching gets quick results

“To me you are my best mentor and I LOVE you for everything that you taught me and I am a better person because of you which is more so than any 100 books or online classes I have taken.”

– Kelley Wacker

“Circle membership has provided me with so many, varied opportunities to experiment, experience, practice, as well as benefit from Lisa's wide range of knowledgeable advice.”

– Deirdre Cripps

“Circle is opening me up to how natural intuition is, that so many of us notice it, and teaching me different ways this type of communication happens.”

– Jenny H.

“I love your method and approach. I’ve done a lot of intuitive trainings over the years and yours is hands down the most practical and down to earth I’ve come across.”

– Fernando Arath

Stronger intuition with the right exercises to practice

“I feel like am more aware and open to receive intuitive information. The practice is really helping.”

– Lisette Sandoval Perez



The Intuition Development Circle

Intuition is the guide that
leads you to your best self,
helps you reach your highest good and
is your soul talking to you.

Moving forward, instead of intuition being a random act, make it an intentional process.

The good news using intuition is a process that can be learned and practiced.

Intuition skill building is a proven process that I’ve not only been teaching, but practicing with people and the more you practice, the better you get at it, and it becomes more and more powerful.

The more you practice the more it will be guiding you to higher and higher levels.

But the only way that you're going to get there is by listening to it and following it and letting it guide you versus shutting it off and ignoring it.

Let it guide you, and when you do, that's when the clarity begins to happen, that's when the momentum begins to happen.

That's when the flow begins to happen.

That's when things, life becomes easy.

That's when life flows and it's more at ease, you feel more connected and confident you're making better life choices because you'll know what's right for you.


In Circle you practice the best exercises to grow your intuition skills
whatever stage you’re at whether you are a beginner or advanced.

The Circle Practice method uses the most effective,
least intimidating and
best results producing method
to grow your intuition skills quickly.

The Intuition Development Circle

What’s in the Circle and why people love it

Each month you’ll get:

Mini-Lesson on the Intuition Exercise of the Month –

The Intuition Exercise of the month feature the best intuition exercises that really work. There are good intuition exercises and bad ones. We only do the very best intuition exercises to grow your intuition skill fast. Each month I cover an Intuition Exercise of the month designed to move you along success path to intuition mastery. Every exercise is designed to work for all levels of intuition skill.

Intuition Exercise LIVE Webinar with Lisa –

Work with me and get direct guidance as you do the exercise. In the Circle you get THE Best Intuition Exercises that move you along fast. Plus, you get teacher coaching with every exercise – the practical way to learn what your personal intuition experience is like with the specific guidance to learn what your intuition and gut messages are.

Scheduled Group and Open Practice Sessions –

Scheduled Group and Open practice sessions to do exercises live with another circle member to help you get that extra practice in if you'd like. Our community of kind and supportive students give you the best opportunity to hone your intuition skills while in a safe supportive environment. These are scheduled several times during the month so you can work with different circle members. In this way, you can more live practice in.

happy group of friends in a circle outdoors in a park
Practice Leader Sessions – with Lisa's Master Intuitives –

Lisa's Master Intuitives lead small groups of Circle members so you can get extra practice with throughout the month. Work with someone who has made it to the Master level. You’ll have more than enough opportunity to practice at a time that works for you with others and get guidance.

Two young women having fun outdoors
Library of Resources –

Recordings of dozens of past Intuition Exercises and Mini-Lessons, plus bonus material  – You’re never behind and there’s no catching up, just select what you’d like and leave the rest.


What can life be like when you make better decisions with your intuition?

it's more than just the decision

Making good decisions is part one.

Trusting the decisions you’ve made is part two.

Your intuition can give you answers not only to lead to a better life but also give you freedom to follow your path and dreams.

You don’t “spin” and you don’t second guess yourself.

You decide easily with clarity and confidence.

You trust yourself.

Imagine this…

…you’re making a decision, your intuition tells you that you’re going down the wrong path and to stop, and then shows you the right one.

…or you need to make a decision fast, but you are overwhelmed with information, and suddenly the right intuitive solution pops up for you.

…you have a big decision…you go over dozens of pros and cons, but you freeze, confused, blocked, and then clarity pops in from your intuition with what to do where everything falls into place and you can move forward with confidence and calm.

What if you knew that any situation that comes up, you could handle it because you KNEW for certain the best thing to do.

What if you knew for sure you could depend on your decisions because you could always call upon your secret weapon, your superpower intuition with confidence?

Circle Includes Everything Above

A Personal Coach and Teacher: You get me personally and my support as part of being in the Circle. Unlike other classes or books, your teacher leaves when you're done. I'm with you as long as you are in Circle.

My coaching fee alone is a $450/hour value!

I’ve poured all of my knowledge, experience and education…

that I’ve collected over a decade and

distilling the best of the best for you to develop your intuition.

If you were to try to get the same education, read the same books and courses it would cost you tens of thousands of dollars.

But you can benefit from my experience and knowledge for a low monthly price.

Your monthly subscription also gives you immediate access to all past sessions that contain my wisdom for you!

I will help you progress along the Intuition Development Success Path in the best, fastest way possible.


Intuition Exercise Do’s and Don’ts –
Full online class FREE (a $79 value)
  • Are you doing the wrong intuition exercises?
  • Have you wasted your time doing your exercises improperly?
  • Do you know the best way to maximize your intuition practice results?

There are right ways and wrong ways to do an intuition exercise and most books and teachers don’t tell you this. There are also good and bad intuition exercises which you will not find on google or in most classes. Find out the best intuition exercises to develop your intuition and get to know your gut feeling’s meaning and how to do them properly!

In this bonus class you learn what the best intuition exercises are and why. How to do intuition exercises properly and not waste your time. Plus, how to do the exercises to maximize your intuition accuracy and results.


In depth training on the
Intuition On Demand technique
(Value $97)

Next, you’re getting the complete in-depth explanation of the Intuition on Demand technique.  Have you ever wondered how to get more detailed information from your intuition? In this bonus training, I’ll show you in depth how each step is done.  After this, you’ll immediately get the deep meaning behind your intuitive feelings.  Plus all the exercises are designed to work with the steps in the technique so you can apply it externally in real life situations. This program is available right after you register.


Intuition Specialized Tools
(Value $495)

To also help you get there faster, in circle, you’re also going to get Intuition Tools throughout the monthly material.  Are you wondering how to access your intuition when you’re in a tough situation involving other people, family, relationships, your health, your job or business and your emotions get in the way? In monthly Circle sessions you’ll learn how to use Intuition Tools so that you can still get valuable information from your intuition even when you’re fearful or stressed.  These are tools that I have discovered or developed over many years of experience. They are invaluable.

Intuition Tools for:

  • Insight into people, their personality, how they think, what motivates them, details about events from their past, and future.
  • Location information for places to move to, or purchase, so you know about a place before you get there.
  • Prediction trends for individual and group dynamics, relationships, situations and problems.
  • Intuitive guidance for healthier bodies, improving your energy level and balance.
  • Connecting to guidance from your higher self, guides, and beyond.

and more…

The complete dollar value for what you’ll get for being in Circle would be over $1,021

The Complete Intuition Development Circle


BONUS #1: Intuition Exercise Do's and Don'ts


BONUS #2: Intuition On Demand Technique In-Depth Training


BONUS #3: Intuition Tools


That's a total Value of $1,021
You get all this for $37/mo

When you add it all up, that’s a total real-world value of $1,021

But because I’m super excited to welcome you into the Intuition Development Circle, I’m giving you an opportunity to enroll in the Intuition Development Circle at the special monthly price of just $37. PLUS the thousands of dollars of uncountable knowledge value of experience and knowledge that is proven to work!

Choose the Monthly Circle Subscription of $37/month and get:

  • All the Circle Bonuses worth over $1,000!

for less than a $1.23 dollar per day, less than a cup of coffee!

Choose the Annual Circle Subscription of $370/year you save even more! and get:

  • All the Circle Bonuses worth over $1,000!
  • PLUS 2 months free!
  • BONUS – My signature intuition course: Trust Yourself which is a total value of $2,288

for less than a $1.01 dollar per day, less than a cup of coffee!

This is going to impact some of the biggest decisions that you will make in your life, for less than the price of a cup of coffee.


 The Intuition Development Circle

Become A Circle Member Today and Get Instant Access

Choose the membership subscription option that works best for you!

Lock In Your Savings

Get in now and save for as long as you are a member.

Lock in your $37/month price now and never pay an increase as long as you stay subscribed.



You Get:
+ Circle Bonuses worth over $1,000

Best Value


You Get:
+ Circle Bonuses worth over $1,000
+ 2 months free
+ Trust Yourself Course ($2,288 value)!

Membership Doors Close in:

A community of kind, supportive people who understand you.

“I truly love the access to Lisa and her knowledge, I have grown my confidence because of this circle group. I don’t feel so lost and alone.”

– Cindi Axtell

“Thank you for offering this way of learning and explaining so well. Until now I have felt like a freak and finding the circle has helped me realize that there are people who feel the same way and that it is normal.”

– Gema Gutierrez

“Being part of a community of people working together in a supportive, kind and loving environment is refreshing and joy-making.”

– Jenny H.

The Intuition Development Circle is perfect for you if:

  • You’re tired of stagnating in your life.
  • You want to move forward and are ready to make it happen.
  • You are a logical and grounded person who loves a step by step approach.
  • You’re someone who’s just getting started with intuition access and want to do it right.
  • You’re already struggling with your random intuition and want to be more reliable.
  • You know you're made for more in life and want finally know the right path to take.
  • You need to trust yourself again and know for sure how to be in alignment with your true self.

You might be thinking….

I don’t know if I have intuition

You also might be thinking that you aren’t sure if you can do this. Or where to start.  Everyone does – it’s biological in the intuitive part of your brain. It is a ‘gift' that everyone has been given, there are no exceptions. Everyone has intuition, including YOU.

And I'll be guiding you every step of the way.

It is the magic within that we ALL have, including you. I know it, and you do too. Somewhere inside of you, you know your intuition is there guiding you. You just need to access it.

And I have made it so simple for you to do it, all you need was a step-by-step solution that would make intuition easy and in your reach.

Others have done this, and I have watched hundreds of people just like you do it.

I know you can too.

I don’t have the money

You don’t need much – you pay a dollar a day. That’s less than the price of a cup of tea. You’ll pay this price as long as you stay subscribed, even if the price goes up.

For about a dollar a day, you’re going to learn a skill that impacts and influences some of the biggest decisions you will ever make in your life.  Do you think that you'd see a return on developing this skill over your lifetime?

Yes. Many, many times over. That's why it's so important to discover what your purpose for your highest good is. What you are meant for, why you are here.

How is this membership different from other classes/courses/circles?

This is a learn as you do process. Each month you have intuition exercise designed to get you to practice experiencing your intuition. You can practice through the online exercise session live or recorded. You will learn how to do each exercise through a monthly mini-lesson that is on average 15-20 mins long. All exercises are built to work for all levels intuition skill, whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced.  The Intuition Development Success Path shows you what level you are at so you can know the steps you need to get to the next level towards mastery.

PLUS, instead of going to a class and coming out forgetting everything you learn then losing access to your teacher, I’m there working with you on-going as much or as little as you want. I give you feedback on your exercise results to help you see where your true intuition is coming through and where you are missing it. This will give you clarity on knowing the difference between your intuition and your thinking, your Ego, your biases, or wishing for a certain answer. You'll begin to experience clearly how your intuition comes uniquely to you and what it is like so you can notice it and become fully aware of it when it comes to you again.

I don’t have the time

I get it, I know what it's like. I often feel like that…life is so busy, it's like, how am I going to fit this in?

But here's what I do know.

I know you showed up here today for a reason.

And my guess is that reason is that in some way you feel disconnected, you feel stuck, or you've lost touch with yourself.

And you know that there is so much more opportunity for you. You know, with the right guidance, you could be not just making better decisions, but you could be fulfilling your life's purpose.

That's possible for you because there's a process to be able to be guided by your intuition. That's what Circle is for.

The Circle membership is designed to be easy and simple, easy to consume, small chunks of material. Each week you get a little exercise, and you don’t have to do it all. All exercises are always there for you and you can access it any time you want as long as you stay subscribed. Many of the exercises you can do during your regular daily life at a time convenient for you.  All exercises are recorded including the live ones.

You are never behind and there's no catching up in Circle. The way Circle is designed is you can come in at any time and gain huge value from any month that you participate in. Plus, all the lessons and exercises are recorded and available 24/7 for you, any where you are in the world.

There are already free groups on Facebook

Those Facebook groups are unstructured and loose. They do not have a path to intuition mastery success.My membership is designed all around the intuition mastery success path. Often those groups are not led by an experienced teacher or someone with deep knowledge of intuition and how to help students find out what their intuitive symbols, messages mean. In my Circle, you get the quickest path to intuition mastery with my help every step of the way.

I'm a beginner, is that okay?

You don’t have to have any experience, or knowledge to be part of the Circle. The Circle material is provided at all levels from Beginner to Advanced and progresses through to intuition mastery with all the material available to you. New material is added every week.

What does it mean doors close to Circle?

We only open registration to join Circle certain times of the year. This is so I can focus my energy and attention fully on working with my students in Circle and other programs I teach. This also allows me to work with each group of new students to get them oriented and learn my approach to intuition together.

Real life intuition results!

Make better decisions, live a better life

Have intuition that guides you to your best life.

You may not see your path, but your intuition does.

Let your intuition help you find your life's purpose.

Have powerful and quick intuitive solutions to problems.

Have a powerful inner guide that can lead you to
a life of fulfillment, flow, ease, connectedness, and confidence.

Don’t just take it from me, hear from more students:

Helps build my business and my life


Lisa’s teaching was my first introduction into understanding what intuition is, and to realizing how strong my intuition actually is.

Lisa shares great exercises, which helps people to tune into their intuitive power. I found out how accurate I was. It was my first step to becoming conscious of my intuitive power.

Since then I’ve become an intuitive advisor for other people myself, I live my live intuitively and it is what helps me build my business and my life and do amazing work for clients, among so many other amazing things.”

Maiken P., Circle Student

Getting really reliable information


I was nervous in the beginning because I really didn’t think I could do it, I didn’t know I had any skills. Until I started practicing, I had nothing.

I think that’s the missing piece for so many people. When you have a teacher guiding you along when you’re getting stuck, it’s so helpful.

I’ve come so far, and I’m getting really reliable information from my intuition. Now I feel like I’m moving in the right direction.”

Elizabeth R., Circle Student

Amazing and Empowering


This whole experience of working on my intuition is opening up all kinds of things in my life it’s really amazing. I’ve been offered a job. It’s because I’m looking at myself being empowered. It’s just really exciting to me.”


Wade C., Circle Student

I have peace, contentment


What you teach is easy and it is comprehensive from the get-go. The Intuition Development Circle was another huge key element to progressive development in the fast lane. Because having the exercises that you provide, and then being in a forum where if you've got a question, you have a teacher who can answer it for you and get the response that you're looking for. That was essential as far as the recipe goes for getting my intuition to work.

My life has changed tremendously I have much more peace, contentment, I don't worry, there's nothing to worry about because I know the outcome before there's an outcome. I'm so grateful for it that I avoid the pitfalls most people have to experience. And then, of course, even the tiniest, minimal thing, driving to the parking lot – this lane's got an open spot, I just feel it, ding, there it is.”

Lisa, Circle Student


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